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One, Two, Ski!

Welcome to OneTwoSki, my new weekly blog and a mini website comprising of wintersports articles and experiential resort reviews. 

With 1300 or more days on snow over 43 years of skiing in dozens of destinations, I know my stuff! But I didn't want this to be an "in the know" expert's eye view full of in jokes and jargon, so OneTwoSki is also intended as a beginners' guide to wintersports. If you check under the various tabs, you will find everything you need to know about skiing or snowboarding but have been too embarrassed to ask! 

Lodge Lingo

Skiing, like golf, can seem off-putting to the newcomer with all the equipment, elitist trappings and incomprehensible lingo. What are bindings? What's the difference between groomers and off piste? How many lessons do you need? 

Joe Nevin coaches a Bumps for Boomers class at Aspen/Snowmass, CO

Ski do's and Ski don'ts 

And, like golf clubhouses, ski lodges have a kind of country club etiquette that can be rather daunting to newbies. Do you bring your skis or ski poles indoors? Do you take those uncomfortable boots off over lunch or when you visit the washroom? Can you bring a bagged lunch? And where can you attach your ski pass without looking like Paddington Bear with a label hanging around his neck? This blog/website will gradually answer all these questions and help newbies get as enthused about wintersports as I am!

Weekly Window on Wintersports

I've been working as a freelance ski and travel journalist and book author for the past 15 years. However, since making my own magazine for a school project back in the 70s, I've always wanted to create my own entire publication. Blogger.com makes it easy and fun! In the various sections you will find articles about resorts, ski equipment, custom-made ski boots, how to keep warm, where, when and how to après-ski, tuition, and the history of wintersports. On the blog page, I will endeavour to post weekly updates about happenings in the hills and my own ski travel experiences as well as the latest ski industry trends.

Faves and Raves

You will see OneTwoSki recommendations – for après ski, resorts, ski runs, clothing, equipment etc. These are my personal preferences and may differ from your own opinions! Please do not be offended if I haven’t yet included your favourites – I love everything about skiing and ski resorts and, over time, I will endeavor to include all the best aspects I have experienced in the world of snowsports in OneTwoSki.

Photos and Feedback 

I encourage your questions and feedback, your stories and reviews, photos and news – so long as it is related to your love of skiing and/or snowboarding. And if you want to read some of my published articles, please scroll down for links or google me for my latest articles 

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  1. Hello Louise,

    I was recently reading you Fat Bike Phenomenon article on the Boston Globe website. I thought that you might be interested in our recent project with Red Bull Athlete Tim Johnson. Tim ascended up Mt. Washington on Fat Bike in the middle of winter. Check it out here http://www.redbull.com/us/en/bike/stories/1331777090543/first-ascent-mount-washington-winter-on-a-fat-bike


    Michael Crocco